Social Media course with Hay Deltina

If a  social media revolution is happening right in front your own eyes what do you do? Run, hide..?

Lately every little bakery has started to create his business FB account and even my grandma wants to get a twitter account so she could follow the stars she seas on TV series.

As a professional marketing person I was finally convinced our firm to get facebook and had started to research how to integrate that into overall marketing plan.. I was daily discovering that starting an online conversation with your customers eventually leads to get involved into other social media as well.

Looks easy at first but how do you control and connect all this?!..After browsing true Social media bible (was soo long) I decided it is time for action and found a online course with practical implemantation of what you leran in class.

So now I’m officially a Student of University of Drury attending an Online social media course with pioneer of social media professor Mrs. Deltina Hay.

The reasons I choose the course over others;   

1. the Drury University staff was really helpful in providing the information and got me into contact with professor Deltina to ask any questions            

2. the course demands you to put skills you learn into action fast                                           the professor herself is an active Social Media person too


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