Social media ethics

Here I want to discuss social media ethics and how to include them into your social media content to so the right people get credit. 

Copying and distributing via digital media   Digital media made copying and distributing information far easier than before.

Social media ethics

I am not a lawyer but I suggest

  • always make sure you credit your links original source for the information you used.
  •  even more professional is to ask for author’s permission
  •  there are plenty of social channels available to contact the author
  • you can make  great new online acquaintances

Watch how to stay out of trouble is a great presentation about  Social media ethics.

Andy Sernovitz really inspired me in his video  saying that applying to social media ethics  can get you more fuel! this great video bellow..

We all have  to apply with ethics if we want others to respect out “online intellectually property”! Current copyright law (especially in U.S and E.U) ..

 At the end respect is the key to good business relations right? Good luck!



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