About Masha Zunich


My name is Masha Zunich and I help businesses optimize their social media presenceand build                                                                                                              strong customer relationships in order to make their business success in overcrowded online world.

If you are a business person that has heard a lot about the importance of social media presence but just                                                                                               don’t have time to put all pieces together – you will get great tips from me.

I can try walking in your shoes but honestly mine fit me best. But I can help you combine your product knowledge with great social media marketing tips that will upgrade your social media presence and reward you with great results. Definitely stick to what you do best and I will show you the rest;)

I made social media consulting services and things that I am good at easy to understand by turning social media marketing strategies into articles and videos for you to read and watch at your convenience.

Lastly I would suggest starting with article Social media marketing for business success to get important information on why a good social media presence and creative social media marketing is crucial for your business future success.

The social media are still a canvas for creative social media marketing ideas and I can’t wait to see yours!

Masha Zunich  

My passion is creative  exchange of  marketing ideas with other people..this is why I made this blog to share great ideas and interact with other marketing professionals or enthusiast out there..
Little bio

A little more about me

  • A dog lover, amateur dog trainer and dog agility practice with my dog Fly.
  • Traveling is a must traveled from Croatia to Netherlands…
  • Speaking foreign languages (Slovenia,Croatian,German,Spanish) because I love to communicate .
Personal mission statement
Be the change you want to see in the world!
This blogs mission statement
  • Get the most real experience with social media marketing and explore new ways to more successful social media presence and marketing  in social media world.

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