How does great tourist destination marketing taste like?

We all travel and taste different food…


Airplane cookies made by

but how can marketers take this into their advantage without being too pushy?

My story : I flew from the beautiful Split to Zagreb. The flight didn’t last more than 40 minutes but Croatian airlines made sure that I know how the taste of Croatia.

With all the low-cost airlines in Europe we are not used of free food on while flying wouldnt you eat free food on the plane if offered?

But can tasty food really help marketers?

“Scientists suspect that taste and memory are inextricably bound. That taste, like smell, bypasses the part of the mind that is logical and educable and travels directly to the primitive brain, seat of instinct and memory.”

? A connection between a tourist destination with a great tasting cookies?

Yes is probably a good idea! 

This is exactly what some clever folks at Croatian airlines wisely used and offered us their typical Peper cookies (Paprenjak cookies in Croatian) while enjoying a nice plane ride.

Maybe it wasnt even intentionaly but instinctively wanted to offer their best service and it worked. So while im comfortably seated overlooking the amazing Croatian coastline at night im snacking on Peper cookies.

A cookie with a story?Image

They are were indvidualy packed with the short story at the back how Papernjak was first made in Renaissance by Mrs. Magda in Zagreb.. This is the second thing that can enhance the memory because we all love to hear real stories.

hat makes this story a succes?

  • linking the right moment (travel) to
  • the right memory (taste)
  • to the right product ( cookie)
  • all wraped with a story made for us to remember Croatia every time we eat cookies on the plane.

If we connect that to the fact that Croatia  has one of the most spectacular coastlines with more that 1000 islands that must only add to that.

Marketing lesson learned:

They offered right product in right place and time. A cherry on cake would be a coupon for online purcase or cookies in shape of planes coobraned with Croatian Airlines;) well maybe next time;)


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