Create a Mobile Friendly Restaurant Experience to get the most of Smartphone foodies during tourist season

The modern cell phone has morphed into instant messenger, mailbox, camera, flashlight, computer, map, dictionary, newspaper, personal assistant and social media portal.

According to the recent survey people use their phones while dining out. Taking photos (of your restaurant, your employees, products) and communicating with friends–likely about their dining experience. Survey results said:

  • 19% post a Facebook status update
  • 24% take photos
  • 18% check-in at the restaurant
  • 13% search for places to go after dining out

So many restaurants, bars and hotels offer free wifi spots at the major tourist destinations but dont use the full potential to market their restaurants services or promote their business along.

Tourist don’t have international mobile coverage so they use the free internet connection  to stay connected with their friends and post updates of their meals, favorite restaurants and other vacation spots.

What I have spotted during my recent visit in Croatia so called “Saint Tropez”?

The island Hvar is recently rated one of top 10 most beautiful islands with its medieval fortress and charming port offers many restaurants and bar options.Most tourist don’t have International coverage and no access to internet resulting that while having splendid morning breakfasts and refreshing after dinner cocktails most of the bars and restaurants have free internet access to attract guests..   But nothing has sadly been done to get them interested in their menus… 

1.Start with making your wifi password a promotional tool.

Just imagine the amount of curious questions if your password would be Best brunch in town or Unforgettable deserts. Don’t you think this would make a better impact than just random numbers and letters?

2.     Make your menu interactive, interesting and easily sharable
Post a QR code of the menu or special dish details and photos so customers can share it with friends while eating or deciding. If you have a special local dish make sure you have a story that people can share it with their friends.

3.     Make a visible signs where you can be found online.
On the menu, next to paying methods on the door, behind the counter, on your business cards.

4.     Get praised for good service
Let people know where they can rate your service and check in for            special deals if they check in regularly. It can be a simple statement   on the back of the receipt with a QR codewhich they can quickly scan  with their cell phone. Or put a sign on the door so they see it when leaving.

5.     Encourage  repeated visits with rewards

Let clients know that what are getting if they “check in” regularly (hints free desert or make it creative as a high five from the chef..)

What are reasons most people still use their Smartphone’s after dining?

  • to inform their friends on social media what they ate with a  photo,
  • where they ate with the location tag
  • or have they feel after eating with a social media status update

The proven fact is that people do consider friends, colleagues and friends recommendations on restaurants when choosing a place to eat.

Making the whole dinner experience mobile friendly gives you great potential

  • to get more recognition and new potential clients within your current customers friends after they share their experience on social media.

Just make it easier for them and don’t forget to thank them ,we all like to be praised at the end;)


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