How to beat economic crisis with social media and Chinese wisdom?

I came across and interesting Chinese symbol made of two parts “danger” and “opportunity”.

Instantly gambling came across my mind ..but I since Im a marketing professional I prefer strategically planning to gambling..

But imagine if you could legally plan while gambling wouldn’t you be winning? But what does gambling has to do with Chinese symbols?

The symbols I mentioned before actually stands out for crisis in Chinese.

They are pronounced wei1 ji1. wei means “danger; peril” and ji means “opportunity; crucial point”.

So literally wei plus ji equals “danger” plus “oportunity”.

 Therefore if we could master danger in crucial point we could be winning right?

  So we have economic crisis which is danger and a crucial point which is growing social media users daily …So if you   are not focusing on complete and optimized social media presence today you are definitely gambling with your  business success instead strategically winning big business opportunities.

Because you are lucky enough to be reading this there is good news for you!

However, a dangerous situation can become an opportunity if wei ji  becomes zhuan3 ji1.

Zhuan ji means “turn for the better“. Zhuan means “turn into”. So zhuan ji means “turn into opportunity”.

So stop gambling with your bussines and start winning with complete social media presence.

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