How to start socializing your business social media?

Can there be a wrong way to be social?  

We all learn from mistakes right? But in order to learn you have to make them first just like little kids growing. There are many great benefits of social media that can save you marketing money and more..

So  start using social media step by step

You don’t have to optimize  all your social media presence in one step

Just start with adding basic information (about, office hours, product info…) and communicating at least weekly

  • Imagine your target audience what are their hobbies, what do the they like, how old are they..
  • Create an account with social media in according to target audience
  • Upload 10 pictures that, without captions, or explanations visualize what what your bussines is all about
  • Ask yourself »What would make the boring salesman at the local store tell me about my product?«  make this sound how you wanted to hear it and post it on your social media to see the reaction
  • Dont just post updates on you products but post entertaining link relevant to you business 
  •  Engage and communicate regularly and dont worry if people don’t always agree you building trust by communication
Good luck!

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