What social media strategy best suits your business objective?

Every business objective demands a different social media strategy..

Social media strategy and setting your business goals

1. A company blog can be effective in

creating awareness/ branding , counteract negative publicity or to deposition a competitor.

2. A  contest  which takes players to a landing page  with special winner discounts is driving sales.

3. Social networks can be used for online brand building if the members are given educational and entertaining experience.

4. A good YouTube video may be a hook that brings buyers to page where they download information and get prospective customers contacts.

Social media marketing in real estate

Sell your real estate via social media marketing

How to do that? Example of social media channels to use if you are a real estate agent..

  •  Give tips how to choose the right apartment consider different lifestyles, age, income and give a contact to give more help..
  •  Be informative and give links where they can see more than competitors offer (youtube videos of app really impressed me..)
  • Be engaging and ask questions on social media in order to get to know what your audience thinks of what your company has to offer, if they miss something or maybe don’t understand some points..
  • Entertain and make their day by posting interesting things related to your business topic..
  • An example for real estate follows



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