Why should you bother with social media business objective?

Before starting any social media marketing channels for you business

target audience in social media

Understand your audience / target market and social media objective –  so you don’t lose time with the wrong type of social media

In markets like personal finance, technology, automotive, boating, entertainment and consumer packaged goods there is ample of evidence that bloggers and online communities are important sources of influence!

Few people purchase cars, boats or real estate online.

  • More realistic for an automotive, boat manufacturer or real estate agent would be to get a customer’s online attention first don’t bombard them with offers..
  • Offer then to join a
  •  mailing list,
  • request a call,
  • join some social network information channel/ page of a campaign
Good  ideas for objectives of your social media campaign
  1. Create or alter brand image
  2. Inform customers, product specs of upgrade, new, download
  3. Raise awareness with the media and investors
  4. Raise requests for sales contact & more info
Curiosity in marketing success

Actually, satisfying curiosity tends to lead to more curiosity..which can drive sales..

So why don’t use this fact to promote your business?

Don’t abuse social media use it! Rather than just posting offers – make yourself interactive by being useful and helpful. The most successful people are also the most curious and daring!

Every business objective demands a different social media strategy see which best suites your business objective in my next post..till soon;)

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