Lesson no.1 optimize social media, blogs…choose keywords wisely!

One of the first lectures in our social media webinar is about optimizing blog posts..and my dilema how to choose keywords to be optimized over all social media?

 To be able to get more exposure on blog or via social media overall our professor Mrs. Deltina Hay suggest deciding on key terms and using them in all postings and in all social media.

1.Decide what is your purpouse and get related keyterms, how?

I decided my blog is going to be semi professional and I will be writing about social media and social media marketing for now and maybe about my passion for dogs later..

A good website that recommends how to pick more of your theme related keywords… I decided to go with GoogleAdwords where i got this so I decided to go with some keywords like social media marketing, social marketing for companies, what is social media marketing…and lets see how it goes..


2. After choosing your social media key words you have to constantly use them all over the your social media.. write them down somwhere and use them.. you still have problems choosing them just use some and see how they work for you, you can always change them later..

3. How many social media keywors to choose and how?

I had my dilemma but after reading some articles about choosing keyterms I decided to go for 10. Alos I tryed to thought about what a person looking for social media marketing tips would type into Google.. I came across that “ideal density of keywords on the pages –around 5 to 10 per cent is considered about the ‘right’ amount”.

4. Mine or yours keywords, key information?

Interesting after this research I found how much controversy about ethics is there in a virtual word..I was thankfull for all the information I learned in my social media class at Drury University and could credit my professor Mrs. Deltina Hay for that but what abot all things we find online and we post them..is posting a original link and citing an aouthor enough?

I will be discussing this in my social media ethics page.. I decided for now that I will be posting all my used links in separate page named Usefull social media links where I will give credit to all those information i used..


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